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Our Mission

Parental Rights Defenders has a mission of advocating justice for families in the child welfare system.

Parental Rights Defenders envisions a California child welfare system where families are respected, protected, and supported. Our  goal is for accused parents and caregivers to keep their children, whenever it is safe and possible for them to do so, and to clear their names.

Through legal assistance, civil rights litigation, policy advocacy, and strategic partnerships, Parental Rights Defenders advocates for the value that parents should not be punished for difficult life circumstances, such as poverty or being a victim of domestic violence, or for everyday parenting decisions when children are not at risk. Instead, child welfare policies and practices should be focused on helping children who are truly abused and neglected, and on strengthening families and communities.


Parental Rights Defenders is committed to answering your questions about Dependency Defense law issues in Northern California.

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