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Who we are and what we do:

Parental Rights Defenders is a Team dedicated and independent Attorneys working to defending the civil and constitutional rights of parents from inappropriate interference from Child Protective Services and law enforcement.

For most of us, having Child Protective Service involved in our lives would drastically impact our mental and emotional well-being. Parental Rights Defenders works tirelessly to ensure that your constitutional rights are preserved.


The objective of California Dependency System is to provide for the protection and safety of every child under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court and to preserve and strengthen the family ties whenever possible, removing children from the custody of their parents only when necessary for the welfare and safety of the child.  If the Juvenile Judge removes of a child from their Parents, reunification of the child with their family shall be a primary objective.  (Welf & IC section 202)

If Child Protective Services have removed your child or children from your home, contact our office before speaking with them. While not criminal in nature, anything you say to a social worker or law enforcement representative can be used against you in determining placement of your child.

Our office has extensive experience in the Dependency system, including representing the Department of Social Services. Having this experience provides our attorneys with insight into how the Department and, by extension, the Social Workers, view their duty to keep children safe. Unfortunately, at times they overstep their authority. It is the mission of our office to restore any rights that have been improperly infringed upon and return your child or children to your home.

By calling our office, you will get the benefit of years of expertise in this specialized area of the law.


Parental Rights Defenders is committed to answering your questions about Dependency Defense law issues in Northern California.

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